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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  August 25, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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damage. a church, the first baptist church is in danger of collapsing. authorities roped off the road around it. we are getting word that that building is severely damaged. and we have a crew there live. we will have more on that church and the situation coming up. >> before we go there, we want to go to ris tina -- cristina rendon, she is in napa looking at the rapairs, what is going on, how -- repairs, what is going on, and the clean up underway. >> reporter: right now we can tell you they are surveying the damage in more details as inspectors go through their businesses. power has been restored but crews are working to do the same for gas and water lines and there is still a long road ahead for people in napa. >> reporter: signs of life in downtown napa are appearing beyond the yards of caution
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type and rubble caused by sunday's 6.0 earthquake. >> we are going to do a limited menu tonight. we will be able to open, wood burning pizza. >> the restaurant is more than 100 yellow tagged. dozens of others are red tagged. deemed too dangerous and unstable. >> i feel for the family for the owner of the restaurant. talking to her. you know, hoping for the best. >> reporter: officials say electricity has been restored but 600 property res main without water till mid-week. >> we went and got water from them to do cleaning. >> napa mayor and state senator walked the streets surveying damage to businesses. >> a lot will be open in the next day or so. some of the older buildings it will be a while. >> the injured just over 200. as the recovery begins people are passing by and taking
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pictures but these aren't tourists. they are locals. >> it is so surreal. so devastating. >> we will rebuild. >> we will. we will but it is scary. >> reporter: city officials plan to have all of the buildings inspected by tonight and then they can put together a estimate on the total loss. right now it is too soon to put a price tag on the damage as. cristina rendon, ktvu channel 2 news. >> a lot of work to be done. so many people affected. >> i have been talking to people as they have been walking by and they say how terrifying it was when the earthquake happened and how long it happened. we have been focusing on the damage in napa. and there is a lot of damage. but there is also a lot of damage in valaand alley are a -- vallejo and allie rasmus has
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more. >> 11 buildings have been red tagged. this is one of the buildings. here behind me. this is the first baptist church. if you look at the top of the brick bell tower. the southwest end looks like it is pulling apart from the rest of the tower. it is in danger of toppling over. it will be closed for the foreseeable future. the lead pastor of the first baptist church, thank you for talking to us. how did you discover there was a problem here? >> earlier this morning we found it. we came yesterday. we looked around the inside. things were pretty much safe. little debris here and there. we cleaned up. we had all our services and wasn't till when we came back we had a chance to walk around
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in day light and we saw contraction. we went inside -- saw cracks. we went inside and saw severe cracks. we were concerned that they weren't safe. we called our insurance company and the fire department and they came right out. they went inside and decided it was severe and dangerous. that is when they closed off the streets and got more people to inspect. >> reporter: thank you very much for talking to us. the lead pastor. bell tower, which is in danger of toppling over. this is one of 11 buildings that has been red tagged. 34 buildings have been yellow tagged. they have limited access. some of those effected buildings include the health and social services building and that is where people pick up their food stamps and other disability checks. they are directed to an office
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in fairfield. the city is still assessing the damage. the engineers said they have 15 inspectors going throughout the city checking to see what the extent of the damages is. the process is going to take about 2 weeks to complete. we will have more on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. for now, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> and we also had building inspectors here in napa. they only looked at 35% of the buildings. that figure has gone up today. they got 20 building inspectors going all over. i was talking to one man who was red tagging a building an hour ago. we are hoping to hear more on that, we are waiting for a press conference where hopefully we will get updated information. >> when you think about napa you think about why. 13billion industry. a lot of wineries effected by
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the quake. out today cleaning up, salvaging what is left. katy eustis spent time today talking to wine makers to see what they are up against as the rush to harvest is just beginning. >> reporter: salvaging what is left. making sure the barrels are stacked safely. >> this rack here is barely sitting on the lift. and you can see it is cleaning forward. this entire row fell forward. >> they don't have time to stress over earthquake damage. >> we have fruit coming in any day and we have to get this cleaned up. >> yet the timing of yesterday's earthquake has a silver lining. >> 2, 3 weeks before harvest for the wineries. and a lot of the tanks tanks were empty. >> we are very thankful it
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happened in the middle of the night. >> reporter: guests often walk through barrel rooms. the damage brought them here. >> what can we do? we can cook. you know, for the staff. >> reporter: they celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary in wine country. >> after 30 years you learn to roll. >> reporter: they estimate the loss in the hundred thousand dollars range. [ indiscernible ] >> we want to get -- we want to be ready for them. and we want them to have a great time. >> they are also looking at ways to prevent dangerous barrel clams in the future. we will have that tas da -- collapses in the future. we will have that story at 6:30 p.m. katy eustis, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we told you about the press conference. it just started. the city manager is talking now
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with updated information. >> when we are working on the sites we have to shut, isolate them, shutting the water off. the state requires when we shut water off, when we turn it back on and the watt starts flowing, we put out a notice to people telling them to do one of three things, boil the water for a minute, still say for showers and washing clothes and that type of thing, you can boil it and use it. come down to our water station and pick up the water or you can use bottled water for cooking and drinking. so those conditions still exist. we test and we certificate the test are -- certify the test are completed. anybody that had water service
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without a break, even if you have lower water pressure, you don't have to worry, the water is safe. don't need to worry about the boilorder. gas -- boil order. gas and electric news is good. we were -- at the meeting, the progress made, 15,000 this time last night and as of mid- afternoon all of the properties have power. the only ones that do not are the buildings that are red tagged and they will be restored as soon as they are ready for occupancy. they have done a wolf job. street -- wonderful job. street closures continue tonight. we are going to spend time, i believe, the chief mentioned earlier, hardening the areas that are closed. we are hoping to put more barricades around the buildings we determined are dangerous. so people will be moved further away and it will be a longer
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turn to get traffic flowing again. for the near term we will close second and third streets. from main street to clinton. the public should stay out of the dangerous areas if possible. we don't have other closed streets. those from the area know the city has been in the process of switching our one way streets to two way streets. we planned on doing that wednesday. we had put that off given the confusion, the amount of work and disruption to the streets so we will for those that are locals, we wolf maintain the one way -- we will continue to main thane the one way streets. all of the bridges have been inspected. the new pedestrian bridge has been closed. minor sharing of bolts on one
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of the foundations that could be fixed but we have closed the pedestrian bridge. all of the bridges are safe. the shelter, the red cross evacuation center -- >> you have been listening to a press conference from city leaders in napa updating the situation. water service still a number of people without water tonight. it could be a couple days before water is restored. if you are without water they are urging people to boil water, use bottled water or pick up water at a water station. >> one thing that is important, we are showing you all the pictures of the damage. and you can come away with the impression the whole city is damaged. but when you drive around here, coming through the neighborhoods, inside the houses may be a mess but it is not like you go by house after house that is damaged. much of napa was not effected.
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much of napa wasn't effected. where it was damaged there is very serious damage. >> we want to go back to the studio and we will be back with more later on. >> thank you. more about the teenager who was the most seriously injured in the earthquake. here is a picture of the 13- year-old. he was ---year-old. she was sleeping when the earthquake strung. the face of the fire place with all the bricks came down. you can see a mattress underneath the prediction. the teen was airlift -- mess. the teen was airlifted to uc davis. our coverage continues on what you will need to make sure you are ready in the event of another significant earthquake and more of the devastation from napa. we are hearing stories of survival from the earthquake
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zone. still to come, how some people escaped after being trapped in their homes. >> a month after 2 investigates undercoverred abuse of disabled parking placards, new concerns of record keeping problems at dmv. >> and an update in the date of a -- death of a concert promoter, now the rapper who is on tour who has been arrested in the case. >> after the break, a warm up, it is cool out there today, temperatures on the increase. the details after the break. ♪
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because together, we thrive. ♪ our big story tonight people picking up the pieces in the north bay after the 6.0
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earthquake. napa and vallejo sustained the most damage. thousands turned out for the funeral of michael brown who was shot by a police officer in ferguson, missouri. families, activists and celebrities gathered at a st. louis church. the family of martin luther king, jr. and the parents of trevon martin. reverend al sharpton called on mourners to work for justice for michael brown and other shooting victims as well. >> michael brown must be remembered for more than disturbances. >> the shooting of michael brown saw weeks of protests and aggressive police reaction. prosecutors haven't decide whether or not to file charges against the officer who killed michael brown. young jeezy is one of six
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people arrested on weapons charges from last friday's deadly shooting. 38-year-old eric johnson was shot is multiple times while back stage that wiz khalifa concert. he died at the hospital. today police released these photos of i am i just along with -- young jeezy along with 5 other people. they recovered an assault rifle while searching search warrants. no one has been arrested for the homicide. back live here in downtown napa. an area hard hit by yesterday's earthquake. the recovery process is just beginning and for many people picking up the pieces after an earthquake could be expensive. it could cause a financial burden. earthquake insurance for lot of people is out of the question. some say it is too expensive
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and it doesn't provide enough coverage. unfortunately if something like this happens, that is not going to pay off. eric rasmussen is in the news room now with that. >> a lot of factors to consider. the latest numbers suggest 1-6 homeowners have earthquake insurance here in california. many say high premiums, high deductibles make it a bad investment. >> reporter: adding up the damage obuildings, home -- to buildings, homes is a small process. it won't be cheap. >> reporter: can you cover this? >> not earthquake. no earthquakes in napa. >> even with a 6.0 wake up call they aren't likely to turn to earthquake insurance. >> we can say over 20 years it has been a bad financial
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decision. >> reporter: some advocates say it has been that way since 1994. they had to create the california earthquake authority. policies came with a sky high 15% detuckettable, cov as little at -- deductible covering as little as -- >> it is so expensive. >> reporter: is it a bad deal? >> well, look, i like to put it is, if you don't have it you are your own insurance company. >> reporter: he says there are more options for homeowners including lower dedoublettables and more coverage -- deductibles and more coverage. >> not a matter of if, it is a matter of when. it could be 10 seconds,
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tomorrow, next month. could be 100 years. we do not know. >> reporter: experts on both sides of the debate suggest doing your research. you can use a premium calculate, and we have include more information about who else provides earthquake insurance. you can find that on live in the news room, eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. we have thunderstorms showing up around lake tahoe. cool day today. we have the thunderstorms happening around lake tahoe. most of that activity, 80, thunder and lightning. rain as well. as we move back to the bay, you have the fog and low clouds that have been all over the bay throughout the evening hours, and they will come back tomorrow morning. here is the forecast for tomorrow morning. fog forecast will be -- excuse
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me. the fog forecast looks like this. we will have not as much fog tomorrow morning. it will be warmer tomorrow morning and we are heading for a warm up. highs tomorrow. a lot like today. warmer. after that the high pressure builds in and we start to warm. forecast highs tomorrow, 89 vacaville. 87 fairfield. today 70s and 80s. tomorrow 88 brentwood. 84 pleasanton. warm. we will get to the 90s into your bay area tuesday -- wednesday and thursday. sorry. the five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view. see the numbers come up on wednesday and thursday and friday as well. not a heat wave. just warmer. here is your five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view. pop in sunday for you. you can see steady as she goes. good news. not doing brush fires every night in the news. that is unusual for august. >> and the holiday weekend look
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nice. >> thank you. new questions about a safety stop gap at sfo. the control tower, the fears the technology in your pocket is better than what you are flying in. >> an advance warning for an earthquake is coming. >> the alert system, how it works and why everyone doesn't have access to it and living on shaky ground, the earthquake upgrades for thousands of people and how the earthquake is putting new urgency on the deadline. these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00 p.m. q
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the faa is facing new questions about the effort to update the control tower system at sfo. an audit from the department of transportation says the new software may be fewer capabilities than the outdating system it will replace. it could fall short of providing promise, capabilities for controlling take offs and landings. the most critical phases of flight. >> still using a 1950s radar system rather than a -- [ indiscernible ] >> you have better gps in your pocket than on most airplanes. >> the letter says the project is behind schedule and over budget. the faa hasn't commented on the
5:26 pm
matter. the union says changing something so big will take time. the white house elaborated on the release of a journalist held hostage for two years. 25-year-old peter curtis went missing in october of 2012 after he crossed crossed the turkish boarder into syria. the white house says the u.s. sought help from two dozen countries and says no ransom was paid. >> united states did not ask them to pay a ransom. we asked them to not pay a ransom. >> peter curtis was kidnapped by a al-qaeda affiliated group, not connected to isis who was responsible for the killing of american photojournalist james wright foley. 2 investigates discovers the dmv issuing disabled parking placards to people who have been dead for years. >> what do i need to do to get
5:27 pm
the dmv to, you know, mark my mom as deceased. >> new concerns that a record keeping mess could put disabled parking placards into the wrong hands. who is supposed to keep track and what our investigation revealed. >> we are live in napa here in the heart of downtown where a lot of the damage from the earthquake happened and a major recoveryeft underway tonight. >> -- recovery underway tonight. >> schools closed, people without water, and new at 5:30 p.m. new stories of survival.
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complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. >> welcome back. we are live in downtown napa. in the heart of downtown. the old historic district where much of the damage was felt and you can see it all around us from that 6.0 earthquake and we have been looking and noticing how fortunate it was it struck at the time it did. if it was in the day light hours, there could be a lot of people walking on the streets. it would have probably caused much more damage and hurt more
5:31 pm
people. >> we have talked about the damage. 200 people were taken to the hospital. from what we understand only 17 were admitted and lot of people have been asking about the 13- year-old boy who was in critical condition after a chimney fell on him. we can say he had surgery, it went on for several hours. and he is now in fair condition -- serious condition, excuse me. that is good news. we talked to his grandmother today, we will have that at 6:00 p.m. >> a lot of clean up and stories of survival that we are learning more about. ktvu's rob roth went -- we have many crews talking to people but rob roth talked to people cleaning up and he has story to tell about a family who is going through this with many other people. rob? >> reporter: throughout napa many people are left with having to clean up.
5:32 pm
for her the earthquake was bad enough. >> i sleep in my recliner and that thing just -- like this, shaking it really hard. >> but look what it did to her bedroom here at a senior living complex in napa. >> it knocked my lamp off. tipped over my other lamp. broke the mirror off my dresser and dumped all my jewelry boxes on the floor. it was very scary. >> reporter: she is in poor health. there is no way she can clean up herself. a relative will have to help her. >> i have to have my oxygen on and that gets tangled up. >> reporter: nearby clean up has been non-stop and it is almost done. the earthquake upended everything. >> i didn't go to sleep till almost 2:20 a.m. last night because i was so
5:33 pm
revved up. >> reporter: when it struck the first thing they did was race to the bedroom where their children were. >> couldn't get to our kids because things fell down. we couldn't get out of the bedroom. that was terrifying. not being able to get to them. >> reporter: napa public schools were closed today and the boys and girls opened all day so parents who had to work had a place to take their kids. 49 school age children spent the day there. reporting live in napa, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. i want to give you an idea of what it looks like around us. at third and brown street. you can see all day long a lot of people have been coming by, snapping pictures. i talked to one person from fremont, they wanted to see. when you go over here. this car is still sitting here. the back window was cracked
5:34 pm
because of all the debris. as you look down, you can see the big chunks that came down from this law office. if you pan up. pan up. you can see that is what fell down. we have been talking about how lucky it is there was no one on the streets. watch out. down -- careful. down the street. all of these buildings you see here have been red tagged. that means they are no longer inhabitable. if the building has been red tag does it have to be torn down? not necessarily. if they can repair it they will repair it. look in here. look at this. almost like time stopped. you can see the picture frames there. all crooked. they just haven't come back here since this happened. everything is just like it was.
5:35 pm
this is a law office. this has been red tagged. down the street. more here. pardon us. a lot of debris here. all of these buildings have been red tagged. i wanted to show you one in particular. over here. with the brown doors. that is a cafe. it just opened up two months ago. the man who owned owned decided to move to this street and two months after he moved the earthquake happens and now his building has been red tagged. hopefully he will be able to reopen. the guy is such a nice guy. he has been hiring people and now this. really an unfortunate thing. if you pan up here. you can see the crack there. the damage. one last thing i wanted to show you. a on it of reporters. if you look down here, like the central area where a lot of
5:36 pm
other people are going live for other stations. from the bay area and from all across the country. that gives you a sense of this one street. it is almost like a movie set. it is eerie. there is no one in the buildings. no one allowed to walk up and down here. like a movie set. back now to the studio. >> striking how there is little movement there 24 hours after. seems like a movie set a lot of clean up to be done. new concerns over the abuse of disabled parking placards and record keeping confusion. 2 investigates reveals why some people continue to get disabled parking placards for their dead relatives and perks are now backed on -- packed on to your bills, the common services that could now come at your expense. >> and the quake teenage, schools will be close -- damage and cools will be closed.
5:37 pm
we are live in napa following this developing story.
5:38 pm
5:39 pm
firefighters are trying to get a grip on a fire burning near we everville. it is -- weaverville. fire broke out yesterday
5:40 pm
afternoon west of the town. it burned 650 acres and only 25% contained. travelers trying to avoid surcharges have more hidden fees to worry about. hotels are charging for many things that were once standard. safes, phones, early check ins, receiving packages, use of a refrigerator and room service. and wifi. a new study shows hotels will rake in $2.5 billion for additional services. >> managers and hotel owners are trying to keep rates low and one way is to not include services that were included in the past. >> the charges blossomed after the recession and are double what they were 10 years ago. a struggling college chain
5:41 pm
is losing support. the department of veterans affairs announced it with drawn aproval for corinthian collegeles. they failed to resolve their financial problems by the deadline. they are underfederal investigation and announced it will sell or close dozen of campuses due to a loss of funding. they said the action removes uncertainty for veteran students and allows them to move forward and finding alternatives. new concerns bever the d -- over the dmv issuing disabled parking placards to people who are deceased. >> i took them to the dmv and they weren't surprised about it. >> 2 investigates uncovered abuse of the placards. a record keeping mess that dmv. they sent plaquers to people who have already -- disabled parking placard to people who
5:42 pm
have already died. >> and being prepared. the top three things people should have to be ready. >> it is going to warm up. numbers back into the 90s into the five-day forecast. specifics after the break. female announcer: when you see this truck,
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parking privileges for the dead. >> finally i wrote i said
5:45 pm
please do not send this again. >> 2 investigates uncovers a mix up at the dmv. loved ones contacted ktvu's eric rasmussen when they kept getting disabled parking placards in the mail. we are not talking about an isolated incident. >> no. two cases stood out. adult children say they continue to receive disabled parking placards in the mail even though their moms have been dead for more than a decade. >> reporter: this is the final resting place. her daughter has been visiting her for 10 years. >> she was a good person. a very good person. good person who used a disabled parking placard in her final years as she struggled with heart failure. >> she knew she was dying and she made me promise i would turn in her license plate and her disabled parking placard. >> that is what she did after
5:46 pm
her mom passed away in 2004. >> they were like okay. thank you. and we will take care of it. two years down the road, i get three more again. >> three disabled parking placards, one for each of her last three addresses. despite her best efforts she says they just keep coming and she keeps sending them back. >> when i was in the line one year a guy offered to buy one off me. i was like -- [ laughter ] >> but he said i will take one off your hands. >> not fair. not right. those plates are for people who need it. >> reporter: her mom died before her first disabled parking placard arrived in the mail in 2002. >> reporter: you send it back to the dmv. >> that year. two years later i get another one. this time i wrote deceased on it. >> reporter: that hasn't stopped the dmv from sending
5:47 pm
more every two years. >> i just wrote on it, i said please do not send this again. this is really too painful to keep seeing her name. >> 2 investigates exposed abuse of disabled parking placards in the bay area. last year the dmv issued 2.6 statewide. >> what do i need to do to get them to, you know, mark my mom as deceased. this is the latest 2015. >> reporter: she asked us to return this placard for her. >> we have a disabled parking placard of somebody who passed away 10 years ago. >> reporter: we took it to headquarters in sacramento after managers declined a request to speak. >> reporter: is there a way to know this will be taken off the list? >> give me your card. i will give you a call. >> reporter: 30 minutes later some answers about why the dmv
5:48 pm
wouldn't let her rest in peace. >> we have not received an officials death record. >> reporter: an incorrect date of birth might be to blame. she couldn't explain why repeated requests to canceled the placard were ignored. >> reporter: how soften this happening? >> every month we do a cross- check of death records. >> reporter: she isn't convinced it is enough to keep them from coming in the mail. >> i don't know. i will probably wind up just throwing them away. >> reporter: they tell us they received the last request to cancel the placard. it says it won't be reissued. they get 6,000 death notifications for disabled parking placard holders over month. we made a request for the name of ever holder in the state but
5:49 pm
they denied our request. eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. if you have a tip you want us to investigate we want to hear from you. e-mail time now to check the weather. looks like a mix of everything. clouds, sunshine. wind. everything is happening. >> everything. and not as warm as you would expect. chilly. we are not doing fire stories. fire danger has been reduced but it is breezy out there around the bay. we will talk about the thunderstorms. lake tahoe area. low-pressure system blowing through the area, dropping rain, thunder and lightning. around here we have the fog along the coast. it will fill in tonight. sure it will. it will make it inside the bay. i know it won't be as extensive as this morning. strong breezes that are starting to blow. fairfield 22 miles per hour sustained.
5:50 pm
that is significant. san francisco-- san francisco international airport 21. feels like a spring afternoon. temperatures tomorrow like today. a little bit warmer. not warm. over the hills, walnut creek, low 80s. the typical hot spots, tomorrow is upper 80s -- well, mid-and upper 80s. the story right now is the low- pressure system. that is triggering the thunderstorms around lake tahoe. that kept things cool and breezy. when the high moves in and temperatures go up wednesday and thursday. when we could see numbers on those days in the upper 80s and mid-90s. low 90s and mid-90s. that the good news if you like it heat. that is wednesday and thursday. 87 fairfield tomorrow. 89 vacaville.
5:51 pm
like today, warmer. not as much fog. good air quality. again, thrilled we are not seeing fire after fire. the drought year we are having. this pattern with cooler than average temperatures. with that said the five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view. here is your warmest days. wednesday, thursday and friday and temperatures heading into saturday and sunday come down a couple degrees. a nice looking forecast. no extremes. very similar. no big pattern shifts. lows come in. they trigger thunderstorms around lake tahoe and we warm up. another low, we cool down. it has been recycling now for -- [ talking at the same time ] [ laughter ] >> really keeps going. >> little bit of this but not a lot of that. thank you. all right. we are learning more about the
5:52 pm
road ahead for those effected by the earthquake. we will go live to downtown napa to hear from a structure engineer about the damage and the repairs ahead. >> knowing about an earthquake before the shaking starts. >> earthquake. earthquake. >> the technology is here but why you can't yet get an earthquake warning on your smart phone. >> a new urgency to meet an upgrade det line in the wake of the quake. -- deadline in the wake of the earthquake. these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00 p.m. ñw?
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5:55 pm
welcome back. we are live in downtown napa where the recovery process is underway following yesterday's 6.0 earthquake much of the town is back open. in certain areas of the town, brown street right here, off of third street it is shut down. a lot of the buildings, a lot of rubble still on the ground. a visible sign of the earthquake yesterday. a lot of structural engineers and inspections were done today. 49 buildings are red tagged. they are just too dangerous to enter. one of those engineers is with me right now. you were one out here today checking out the buildings, what is the main thing you noticed here today? >> we are doing visual
5:56 pm
inspections, looking at the damage this earthquake had. this is characteristic damage for this level of shaking. damage to unreinforced buildings. damage oo chimneys. also we see damage osome of the newer buildings -- to some of the newer buildings. this will have a lot of data that will provide information for engineers to better understand what happened during the earthquake. this is a very important earthquake to -- to visual inspect. >> reporter: for the buildings that are reg tagged -- red tagged. >> the engineers will do a quick inspection to see if it is safe to inter. the occupies may not enter the building as of yet till additional inspections occur. >> reporter: thank you. a very important reminder we live in earthquake country.
5:57 pm
around the bay area people have been preparing for the next earthquake. ktvu's azenith smith reports on that. >> reporter: here at the hardware store managers have seen a 15% increase in sales following had earthquake. the top three -- the earthquake. the top three items, propane kits, emergency kits and water filters. >> you start thinking. it could happen. napa is close. scary. >> after the napa earthquake happened she wasted no time getting prepared buying water, power bars and first aid kit. >> when that happens in napa it is tragic. i think of the people who weren't thinking about being prepared. nobody thinks it will happen to them. >> reporter: he bought bolts to secure his water heater. >> big one is supposed to hit.
5:58 pm
>> seeing a spike in water sales. seeing a spike in some earthquake strapping for large televisions. >> reporter: 80 miles away this store is running low on propane cans and straps. and in san jose they are seeing a boost in sales. restoking water filters and emergency kits. the american red cross says it has been getting calls and e- mails. >> the number one question we get is what should i have in my kit. >> the red cross advising people to have an emergency kit with first aid, food, water and a big thing people forget, toiletries, up to three days and be prepared in case a earthquake hits at home, work or in a car. >> you pay the price. what we have here is earthquakes. other places have tornadoes, or
5:59 pm
floods but we have earthquakes. >> reporter: the american red cross says other things to think about, how to notify loved ones you are safe and coming up with a meeting place. azenith smith, ktvu channel 2 news. complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. new information on a 13- year-old boy critically hurt after a chimney came down on him as she was sleeping -- he was sleeping and schools shut down. >> we want all students to feel safe. school will not be in session tomorrow. >> piles of broken tvs, damaged furniture and trash as people clean up after the 6.0 earthquake. we have what you need to know to make sure you are ready for the next big one. what experts are doing to get an early warning system up.
6:00 pm
and a deadline to make sure thousands of buildings are safe. good evening everyone. we are live here in downtown napa. at brown and third street. this is one of the streets that is closed because of the damage. several buildings have been red tagged. there are a lot of roads in downtown napa that are closed, a lot of buildings are damaged. you go down another block and everything is fine. there is a restaurant, they were open for business today. talked to the guy, he told me spent 7 hours cleaning up but they opened up this morning and business has been good. >> they are in recovery process. we want to give you updated numbers. here is the latest right now following yesterday's 6.0 earthquake. napa valley school district


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